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Energy Healing with Lynn Jackson

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Vibrational Energy Healing for Wellness, Wellbeing and Life Balance

Alchemy Healing


Wellbeing through meditation and effective stress management techniques


Learn the art of intimate communion to transform your relationship and your world
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Grief & Loss

Focused healing and support for when your world feels as if it is falling apart
Cellular Healing


Put the colour and sparkle back into your life with powerful and focused vibrational energy work
Alchemy healing


Life coaching to help you navigate your way towards freedom and fulfilment
Alchemy Healing


Private, tailor-made healing retreats serving one client at a time



Do you ever get the feeling you’re not living as fully as you wish – but you don’t know exactly what’s holding you back, or how to break through your barriers?

Get ready to transform your world from the inside out

ALCHEMY is a powerful approach to wellness and wellbeing developed over the course of twenty-five years of therapeutic practice by renowned vibrational energy healer and spiritual coach Lynn Jackson, to help you break free of the self-limiting energy shackles that are silently sabotaging your personal and professional life.


Contemporary Energy Medicine

Lynn’s brand of Alchemy is a fusion of radical spirituality, metaphysics and quantum science that is woven together to form a synergistic and tailored blend of compassionate, intelligent and grounded energy solutions to dissolve these invisible blocks and enable you to thrive on all levels of your being.


As above, so below

Irrespective of whether the surface challenges relate to health, finances, work or relationships, these blocks and imbalances are caused by these deep-seated vibrational energy imprints which build up over a lifetime to create a plethora of challenging symptoms and scenarios, such as dis-ease, depression, burnout, addiction and relationship issues.


Energy Work to heal your Life

Lynn’s over-arching mission is simple : to provide energy solutions to energy problems, reconnecting you with your vitality, verve and enthusiasm at any age and stage of your life.
Many of her clients attest that just one session with her achieves the breakthroughs that had eluded them in months or even years of conventional therapy.

My work with Lynn was mindblowing and literally opened up the universe to me

Adele Durrant, Kent
Alchemy healing with Lynn Jackson

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I’m Lynn Jackson, and for over twenty-five years, I’ve been helping people reclaim their health, enhance their vitality and fulfil their potential.  
I would love to chat with you about how we can work together to help you step into your power and enjoy all that life wants to offer you, and warmly invite you to get in touch today.

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