If you are ready for meaningful transformation, this is the quantum leap you’ve been searching for


Lynn’s coaching and mentorship programmes will help you unlock and amplify your own unique genius to foster exponential growth in all areas of your life.  Her programmes are tailoreded to you and your requirements, and are designed to meet you wherever you are in life and support you to navigate towards your highest and most fulfilling path.


The only thing between an ordinary and an extraordinary life is the activation of the energy body – the vibrational frequency of which is the energetic currency that dictates the overall quality of our life experience.
If you’re stuck – on any level – it is simply because you’re dealing with blocked and dormant energy which you’ve never been taught how to release.  Until now.
This dynamic approach to coaching fuses ancient alchemy with cutting edge quantum physics, and combines Vibrational Energy Work with Metaphysical Counselling and Soul Guidance to get you clear, get you unstuck and get you going.
This deeply transformative work provides exceptional support, inspiration and inexplicable magic for anybody who wants to create a truly spectacular and meaningful life.

“My work with Lynn has completely changed my life. My self-esteem and confidence are increasing all the time and I have honestly never felt better, sexier or more powerful. I am taking small, consistent steps to achieve some big changes, and am getting used to feeling content, joyful and happy. I am much calmer and more centred and feel so positive about everything and I couldn’t be more grateful to Lynn and her amazing work which has completely changed the way I think. My people-pleasing days are over, and I no longer live according to others’ expectations of and for me. Life is wonderful!”

Anna Heard, Lawyer, Berkshire

My work with Lynn has completely changed my life

“I wanted to fully live… to feel lush, gorgeous and wholesome, but I did not know how. My life has been a series of false starts and emotional ups and downs, and I thought nothing was going to change for me. But with Lynn’s gentle guidance, I have gained a much better understanding of my emotional patterning, and as a result, I feel so much more balanced and relaxed. I am now in a relationship with a man that I could formerly only have dreamed of and in addition, I have moved home and am thriving in the independency and self-sufficiency it gives me… and two weeks ago, I accepted the offer of a new job! I am stunned that these great things have happened to me, and am truly grateful for my life-changing work with Lynn, which has been a privilege and a revelation.”

Samantha Kaye, London

My life-changing work with Lynn has been a privilege and a revelation

“I am so grateful to Lynn for her deep work with me during what has been THE most transformational year of my life. She has been an immense support in helping me come to terms with my unexpectedly challenging birth experience, and since then, magic has really been happening for me! I have benefitted so much from her energy work, which was so amazing, and sometimes I really could not believe what was happening! Today, my life is so different, and I am about to embark upon a new life and business in Spain, which truly is beyond my wildest dreams. I have grown into myself and feel wiser, stronger and more grounded than I have ever been in my life, and I am eternally grateful to Lynn for her support, guidance and energy magic.”

Soraya Devi, Lecturer, Brighton

It was THE most transformational year of my life. My new life truly is beyond my wildest dreams

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