Lynn Jackson is a Healer and Coach and purveyor of possibilities…


She is an accredited healer, coach and experienced spiritual teacher and catalyser, working with individuals, groups and businesses to uncover the magic within, and engender exponential growth, transformation and innovation to foster conscious and vibrant living.

She is well known for her compassionate, grounded and pragmatic teaching style which has been honed over the past twenty-five years of helping people explore and resolve issues, find clarity, manage stress, increase confidence and develop a more relaxed and soul-centred approach to life.

In her own words

I never set out to be a Healer… it happened as the result of an accident.

Almost three decades ago, whilst attending regular classes at London’s College of Psychic Studies, I was unexpectedly introduced to the technique of vibrational energy healing. I subsequently mentioned it to a friend, saying it wasn’t for me.

A few weeks later, that same friend was in an accident, and asked me for healing. I wasn’t keen – after all, I barely knew what I was doing and I was scared of making a dire situation a whole lot worse. But she was persistent and I succumbed, and her subsequent miraculous recovery was to be the start of a totally unforeseen career.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I’d first become interested in alternative medicine following the loss of both my parents to degenerative diseases when I was in my 20’s. Fast forward a decade, and the discovery that a significant proportion of the mums at our smart village school were routinely swallowing mind-altering prescription medication shocked me to the roots of my being, and served as a powerful motivation to deepen my exploration of the whole mind/body paradigm.

Classes in yoga and meditation were soon followed by a professional healer training course with the Healing Trust – one of the world’s most highly respected and professional healing organisations – of which I am a full Healer member and mentor.

During the course of the training, our tutor asked how many of us were still ‘in the closet’ about our healing endeavours; it was almost all of us.  And I realised that was the other reason for my hesitancy: I was baulking at being seen as being ‘different’.

A modern mystic was born…

And so, there was only one thing for it : I ‘came out’. I opened a shop called Mother Earth from where I began my own healing practice and also started teaching meditation.

In the intervening years, I have explored numerous teachings, healing modalities and spiritual paths; Astrology, the Kabbalah and the Tarot; Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Tantra, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Sacred Space Clearing and Crystal Healing to name but a few.

I have trained with some well-known spiritual luminaries, with multi-millionaire energy masters in 5-star hotels, and with sages and shamans in exotic rainforests, including the famous Balinese medicine man who was featured in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, who invited me to study with him at his beautiful home in return for having healed him in 2015.

Over time, and with care and discernment, I have extracted the purest, simplest and most effective methods from these extraordinary teachings and woven them together to create illuminating classes, life-changing coaching courses and transformational retreats which I have taught at home and abroad.

Alchemy is thus the culmination of a lifetime of seeking, learning and refining.

I have witnessed medical and financial ‘miracles’, guided people from breakdown to breakthrough, and seen astonishing turnarounds in businesses and relationships.

But, as an energy intuitive, I also recognise how disconnected most people are from their authentic and infinite selves, and I see the price they pay for the reluctance to follow the voice of their heart.

And I entirely empathise with this reticence. The journey of awakening and of daring to pursue an authentic life of passion, purpose and integrity isn’t always easy.

But it is so worth it.

And I know the terrain.

If I can shine a light for you along the way, then it would be my very great privilege to do so.

Do please get in touch.

Lynn Jackson
Healer Coach
Alchemy Healing
Alchemy Energy Work

I experience Lynn as a very clear channel to the Divine

Beth Wallace, Cork

I invite you for a complimentary consultation to discuss the ways in which we might work together.

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