June 2022

Lynn is a gifted coach and healer and our work together has been immensely helpful. I’m very grateful for the new perspectives that I have gained, and I would highly recommend her.

June 2022

Lynn is a highly accomplished energy healer and life and business coach. In just two sessions, she was able to get me to a place where I/we dissolved old negative energy that had been held in the body for far too long, and during the following session, Lynn then guided me to build out a vision for the future that excited me and filled me with new energy.

I felt in very safe hands and wisely guided throughout, and our sessions felt significant, spiritual, meaningful and alchemic. I came away feeling like it was time and money very well spent, and will be working with Lynn in the future.

March 2022

I have worked with many people and also work as a physical therapist myself. My time with Lynn has been beyond valuable and through a huge chain of changes and life events I have managed to not only feel grounded and make good decisions, but have felt more empowered and able to thrive even in adversity than ever before. Words cannot actually say how much this work with Lynn has helped me become the person I am today; through a combination of empathy, guidance and encouraging my own intuition, Lynn provides a space to explore things and you really feel she wants the very best for you, but she will also guide you with some humour and humility when you may need it. I would highly recommend working with Lynn and I have recommended her to friends and clients of my own.

Davina, March 2022

February 2022

Lynn’s skills as a Therapist, Healer and Life Coach helped me to move forward quickly at a time when I was feeling stuck, and I feel very fortunate to have worked with her.
I experienced her to be warm and engaging as a person, and her energy was reassuring and supportive at a time when I was feeling vulnerable. Lynn demonstrated compassion coupled with directness which offered me the right balance of insights and tools to support myself. I have tried traditional counselling in the past, however I can honestly say that I made more progress working with Lynn in a very short timeframe in comparison, and I therefore would highly recommend her as a therapist.

January 2022

Lynn is an incredibly talented energy healing professional. She has an innate intuitive instinct which never ceases to amaze me. For every situation I have sought her counsel on, she has brought an entirely new perspective which has opened my eyes (and heart) to countless opportunities and positive outcomes. Her support and guidance has been invaluable to me through challenging times and major milestones. She has brought me great comfort, reassurance and confidence. Lynn has a truly magical gift and has helped not just me, but also family members and friends at all different stages of their lives. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

November 2020

Lynn is pure magic. I was broken from a troubled marriage and messy divorce and Lynn helped me mend on every level. Then again when my partner died.

I was very sceptical about the energy work but it works, and I can’t recommend Lynn highly enough


November 2019

The whole experience was magical from start to finish. From the moment I met Lynn I knew she was going to change my life forever. Her warm, calm and compassionate personality instantly made me feel comfortable and totally at ease. It was an amazing release for me and I can honestly say I feel like a new woman. I have been putting the teachings from Lynn into practise, and feel all the better for it each and every day.


September 2019

I undertook a bespoke, transformative beach retreat with Lynn Jackson.  It did what it says on the tin… it transformed my life.  We journeyed together on some deep inner work, the outcome being a huge leap of faith on my part, and making some quite scary life choice changed.  The results however created a deep empowerment and inner happiness for me over the next few months.  I now feel I have ‘arrived’!
Thank you, Lynn, for helping me ‘get out of my own way’ and for assisting the process for me to have the courage to walk an unfamiliar but new and positive path.

September 2019

Words aren’t enough to express my heartfelt gratitude for having Lynn Jackson in my life.  The positive impact of her magical healing work is not only felt by me every single day, but I’m told it is radiating to others around me.  I am quite literally beaming again, and it is solely thanks to her.
She has re-ignited my zest and total joy for life, and I now feel empowed, grateful, brave, connected and invigorated.  Her kindness, compassion and healing powers are a precious gift, and I’m so thankful to have worked so deeply with her as part of my bespoke retreat.  I know that there is even more to come;  what an exciting adventure to be on!
To anyone looking for that ‘miracle’ or reset in their life, Lynn is the magic that you need.  The healing starts from here; be brave and take the step.  I guarantee you will never look back.

May 2019

This amazing work has changed me like nothing ever before

October 2018

For the first time in my life, I have been able to go deep into myself and feel safe enough to ‘drop into’ my body and explore feelings and sensations in a way that I’d never believed to be possible. It has been really life changing for me to be able to feel old hurts, shame and stuck energy shift and slip away, and to finally start to believe in myself. Thank you, Lynn, for your wisdom, your amazing energy and for holding the space so beautifully for me. Magical things are happening for me, and for that I am truly grateful.

September 2018

Since starting Lynn’s menopause energy technique, I feel much more balanced, my mood swings are completely minimised, and even the hot flushes are now mild rather than boiling over. I am so much better, both mentally and physically, and honestly, I am amazed at the calmness I am feeling in such a short space of time. This is absolutely fantastic!

July 2018

I had become a successful but fearful zombie, incapable of feeling and beyond thought… even my sense of taste was non-existent. I didn’t know what to expect from a retreat with Lynn, but I decided I had nothing to lose and threw myself into her care. She found me a beautiful yurt, miles from anywhere, where I could breathe and feel the sun on my skin. I slept like I’d not done in years, and even dozed through the energy healing session, but afterwards, I knew something was palpably different. Since then, I have felt calmer, and much more in control, and am able to be more assertive at work, which is making a huge difference to both my work and my family life. I’ve no idea what Lynn did, but I am very grateful.

Suzi & Glen
July 2018

Sometimes the noise of life takes over and you find yourself lost and unfulfilled, not knowing quite when or why it happened. Our retreat with Lynn gave us a chance to pause, reflect and refocus on the things that are most important to us, and gave us a ‘way back’… to ourselves and to each other

September 2017

I was holding some deep-seated blocks in my body, and this was having a knock-on effect on my life… no relationship, and not connecting to money in the way I ‘should’. I’d done quite a number on myself and it was time to get ‘unblocked’.

My day with Lynn brought incredible changes into my life, and I am now taking much better care of myself – giving myself time to rest, have massages dance every morning and eat really well. What a difference this has made! We also worked around my issues with money, and I am now no longer chasing business… business is flowing to me!

I highly recommend Lynn to anyone feeling doubts, unworthiness or lack of connection. She is a deeply intuitive shamanic body and soul worker, and yet she is also down-to-earth, with great clarity, understanding and compassion.


July 2017

It’s as if we opened a doorway into a new and energising part of my life, and the results are profound and far-reaching, with immensely powerful growth in all areas of my life

May 2017

My work with Lynn was mindblowing and literally opened up the universe to me

May 2016

I found Lynn at a time of great need.  She was the saviour of my sanity.

November 2015

I am so grateful to Lynn for her deep work with me during what has been THE most transformational year of my life. She has been an immense support in helping me come to terms with my unexpectedly challenging birth experience, and since then, magic has really been happening for me! I have benefitted so much from her energy work, which was so amazing, and sometimes I really could not believe what was happening! Today, my life is so different, and I am about to embark upon a new life and business in Spain, which truly is beyond my wildest dreams. I have grown into myself and feel wiser, stronger and more grounded than I have ever been in my life, and I am eternally grateful to Lynn for her support, guidance and energy magic

October 2015

I wanted to fully live… to feel lush, gorgeous and wholesome, but I did not know how. My life has been a series of false starts and emotional ups and downs, and I thought nothing was going to change for me. But with Lynn’s gentle guidance, I have gained a much better understanding of my emotional patterning, and as a result, I feel so much more balanced and relaxed. I am now in a relationship with a man that I could formerly only have dreamed of and in addition, I have moved home and am thriving in the independency and self-sufficiency it gives me… and two weeks ago, I accepted the offer of a new job! I am stunned that these great things have happened to me, and am truly grateful for my life-changing work with Lynn, which has been a privilege and a revelation

September 2015

My work with Lynn has completely changed my life. My self-esteem and confidence are increasing all the time and I have honestly never felt better, sexier or more powerful. I am taking small, consistent steps to achieve some big changes, and am getting used to feeling content, joyful and happy. I am much calmer and more centred and feel so positive about everything and I couldn’t be more grateful to Lynn and her amazing work which has completely changed the way I think. My people-pleasing days are over, and I no longer live according to others’ expectations of and for me. Life is wonderful!

May 2014

I can say with a full heart that Lynn is a miracle worker.  She has energies and healing capacities the like of which I have never seen before

August 2012

I experience Lynn as a very clear channel to the Divine