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Wellness is more than the absence of disease, and true wellbeing within today’s fast-paced world requires a high level of conscious care and attention to maintain the necessary balance and momentum.

Anybody who works in a high-octane environment will know that such a lifestyle often exacts a high price and overwhelm, depression, exhaustion and loss of vitality, direction, enthusiasm and libido are almost common place.

These private retreats are curated and led by Lynn and offer a unique combination of deep immersion and exceptional support to create deep and lasting transformation that works from the inside out.

Each retreat is totally bespoke, and treatments and therapies are tailored to provide effective solutions to individual challenges, and appeal particularly to those who value privacy and discretion.

These unique experiences take place in your choice from a varied selection of beautiful, tranquil and covid-safe hideaways in Sussex, which have been hand picked to provide a superb level of comfort and relaxation in natural surroundings.

Retreats are offered in two of Lynn’s Life Navigation programmes, though they can be taken alone.


“It was like being wrapped in a soft and delightful blanket of care. I have never experienced anything like this in my life, and it was a profoundly humbling and life-enhancing experience”

                     Dee, Horsham                        

Luxury spa retreats are available from just £500

Care, nurturance and healing are at the heart of all Lynn’s work

Our hand picked selection of Covid-safe accommodations all offer superb comfort

Rest, relaxation and rejuvenation are guaranteed

Meditation, Ritual and Healing are a feature of all Lynn’s retreats

Unplug, unwind and let go

My retreat was a profound and memorable experience of surprising self-discovery. After 25 years of working hard in the fast lane, raising a young family and going through various trials and tribulations, I felt I deserved some time out to pause, reflect and reconnect with my purpose in life.  Lynn’s energy work combined with meditation helped me understand the root cause of my fears and insecurities, and I began to feel a deep sense of gratitude for everything I have achieved. My healing had truly began. Afterwards I felt lighter, happier, more confident and in control.  Lynn’s amazing energy and healing abilities really have given me a new, refreshing and positive outlook on my life.

Mel, January 2020


Following detailed pre-retreat consultations, you will be invited to your own personal sanctuary in Sussex, complete with fresh flowers and fragrant candles. Nothing is too much trouble; fresh, wholesome foodstuffs can be ordered in for you or we can even arrange a cook for you if you wish.

A tailored programme of energy work, holistic therapies, spiritual immersion and powerful, integrative ritual is curated by Lynn, and sessions are arranged according to your treatment schedule and woven in between time for rest and reflection.

All retreats include Energy Healing and Meditation and offer the option of a variety of other treatment/activity options, such as :
Life Navigation, Elemental Ritual, Yoga, Massage & Facials, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Reflexology, Qigong, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), Dance, and Nutritional Therapy, to bring each individual client to a place of balance, wholeness, rejuvenation and recalibration.

Lynn’s private, bespoke healing retreats are at once both deep and gentle, and are designed to provide real, rapid and lasting wellness and transformation.

“I find it difficult to put my thoughts into words here. Lynn makes everything she does seem very easy and effortless, but it is actually nothing of the sort. I don’t know how she does what she does, but she is very skilful indeed, and those wonderful few days were an absolute masterpiece of thought and ingenuity that have been a real turning point, and I can’t thank her enough.”

Ian Downey, Surrey



Restorative and healing retreats to support post-op or post-viral recuperation; night attendance, a housekeeper and chef can be included if required


Slumber retreats provide optimum conditions for peaceful and restorative sleep for anybody who may be on the brink of exhaustion and burnout


Group or solo retreats for effective, natural energy solutions to ease the transition into the fabled ‘second spring’


Tantric spirituality and energy work for couples who wish to rekindle that vital spark


When life feels empty, get away and get in touch with the part of you that knows the way


Lynn has been teaching meditation for 25 years, and she can help you find the method that best suits you

“My journal entry the day before my retreat reads: ‘My life is flat. I am on this earth to do more.’ Now it reads : “I am happy. My life has meaning. I am embracing new opportunities.’ I feel younger, positive and more vibrant. I’m meeting new people and can now see my untapped potential. My life is blossoming.”

Samantha, Midlands

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