Healing Stress and Trauma

Stress is your body’s reaction to pressure from a certain situation or event. It can be a physical, mental, or emotional reaction.  Stress in itself is not necessarily a bad thing;  it can motivate us and help us get things done.  But when there is a build-up of unresolved stress and tension over a long period of time, then the body sends out certain signals to indicate that it is over-loaded.

Physical symptoms of stress

  • headaches or dizziness
  • muscle tension or pain
  • stomach problems
  • chest pain or a faster heartbeat
  • sexual problems
  • high blood pressure
  • poor sleep


Emotional symptoms of stress

  • over-sensitivity
  • being overly argumentative
  • general irritability
  • moodiness
  • restlessness
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • isolation and distancing


Mental symptoms of stress

  • poor concentration
  • indecision
  • worry and anxiety
  • forgetfulness
  • poor and erratic memory
  • depression
  • inflexibility


How Lynn can help with the effects of stress


Lynn has been working in this specialised sphere for over 25 years, and is very experienced in helping clients to manage the outer manifestations of their stress as well as identify the deeper, often unacknowledged causes in order to provide pragmatic guidance and soul-centred solutions.

This work is a synergistic blend of Energy Healing, Meditation, Breathwork and holistic lifestyle changes as necessary.  It is very effectively complemented with a newer addition to her healing repertoire known as TRE, or Trauma Release Experience, which is a profoundly relaxing somatic process that is taught in workshops and retreats in West Sussex.

Please see below for more details on the various options, and call Lynn to discuss the most beneficial route for you.

I found Lynn at a time of great need.  She was the saviour of my sanity. 

~ Wendy Snow, Maidstone

I started to notice I was suffering from panic attacks and was losing my cool at the slightest thing. I had also begun having headaches that just wouldn’t shift. My sessions with Lynn really helped me; she taught me coping techniques and ways to calm and settle myself. We meditated and talked and uncovered issues that have been blocked for some time, and since then my headaches have definitely subsided and I feel in a much happier place.

Jemma, Essex

Lynn’s energy-healing is unlike anything I’ve experienced before - intense energy moving around my body and a total sense of happiness and relaxation. I felt I was in the right place and in very safe hands.

Sam Mann, Solihull

Please note that Lynn is a Healer who offers holistic energy work and metaphysical life guidance, and her work is not intented to be a substitute for medical intervention where necessary. If you feel you are in an acute situation, you are advised to call 111 or The Samaritans.

You are warmly invited to book a complimentary consultation to discuss the ways in which we might work together


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