Vibrational Energy Work for Health & Vitality

We live in an invisible world of energy which either positively or negatively impacts us, and whenever there is an imbalance towards the negative, we become prone to energy depletion, stuckness or other difficulties, and this is a clear sign that some vibrational energy work and re-balancing are required to restore vibrant health and vitality.

Imbalances in vibrational energies often manifest as :

The function of a Healer is to create an energetic anatomical backdrop in which the body’s natural vibrational healing force can come into effect.

This natural healing force – known as chi or qi in many ancient Eastern philosophies – is the ultimate quantum field.  It exists within all life forms, but it can become blocked, weakened or depleted due to trauma, stress or injury, and the job of a Healer is to access the disruptive ripple which is running like an unseen energy script beneath the surface, and reprogramme, re-route and re-boot as necessary to enable the body to galvanise the innate healing processes.

I can say with a full heart that Lynn is a miracle worker.  She has energies and healing capacities the like of which I have never seen before

~ Annie, London

“I was holding some deep-seated blocks in my body, and this was having a knock-on effect on my life… no relationship, not connecting to money in the way I ‘should’. I’d done quite a number on myself and it was time to get ‘unblocked’.

My day with Lynn brought incredible changes into my life, and I am now taking much better care of myself – giving myself time to rest, have massages dance every morning and eat really well. What a difference this has made! We also worked around my issues with money, and I am now no longer chasing business… business is flowing to me!

I highly recommend Lynn to anyone feeling doubts, unworthiness or lack of connection. She is a deeply intuitive shamanic body and soul worker, and yet she is also down-to-earth, with great clarity, understanding and compassion.”

Bayari Lou Beegan, London

Introductory Online Session £97

Available as an introductory session, or as a top-up for existing and past clients

Three Session Online Package £247

Three weekly sessions are usually sufficient to clear most simple energy imbalances and disturbances. Further therapy blocks can be convened for deeper issues.

Personal Consultation in Chichester £250

Please call for further information

Lynn has been conducting her energy healing work online for several years.  This is a modern adaptation of Distant Healing, which is a time-honoured method of transmitting energy medicine that is taught in all classical healing modalities.  The addition of modern technology to the process offers a really valuable layer of efficacy, and this way of working has now become a mainstay of the profession, combining convenience with energy interventions that are every bit as powerful as in-person consultations.

Longer programmes offering more advantageous session rates can be devised to suit individual circumstances.

Please also see Life Navigation for soul-centred coaching and illuminated mentoring.


NEW FOR 2022


Lynn continues to offer Healing online, but recognises that the pandemic has left many feeling alone and isolated, and following several requests for in-person consultations, she is reintroducing this service for those who want to visit her in Chichester, with sessions of anything from two to six hours.

There is also the option of an overnight stay for those who want to extend the experience.

Lynn’s energy-healing is unlike anything I’ve experienced before - intense energy moving around my body and a total sense of happiness and relaxation. I felt I was in the right place and in very safe hands.

Sam Mann, Solihull

You are warmly invited to book a complimentary consultation to discuss the ways in which we might work together

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