Crystal Healing


Crystals are living, natural objects that are considered by healers and shamans to be ‘solidified light’, and they have been used since antiquity for their beneficial metaphysical properties.

Whether you believe that they possess such energies or you simply enjoy them for their natural beauty, crystals are unique and fascinating objects that are attracting a lot of interest from a world that increasingly seeks connection with both nature and spirit.

Lynn is a renowned and experienced crystal healer, and has taught crystal healing in a variety of workshops over the years, and is the former owner of a well-loved crystal emporium in Kent called Mother Earth, where the calibre of her crystals was widely regarded as being the highest and purest anywhere in the area.

She selects her crystal specimens personally and each one is inspected for visual beauty as well as their metaphysical qualities, which some people might refer to as ‘heart and soul’.  They are alive and ever changing, and their beauty and presence are captivating to all who engage with them.

Crystals often feature in her work with clients, and she is delighted to now be offering them to a wider audience.

Please contact her to discuss your requirements; she is very happy to chat about her unique and special crystal gems.


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