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Everybody knows that sufficient good quality sleep is essential to health and wellbeing, but the busy-ness of life means that few acheive this seemingly impossible goal, and all too many resort to an array of unsatisfactory solutions, ranging from the acceptance of constant tiredness to a reliance upon potentially harmful medications that offer chemically-induced shut-eye.

What is not so well known is that – apart from periods of acute challenge (mentally, emotionally or physically) – we all have the innate ability to live in sync with our natural circadian rhythms end enjoy good quality sleep.  The problem is that the artificial constructs of modern lifestyles are not attuned to our natural cycle, and as a result, many people become habituated to living out of alignment with their body’s natural rhythm.

Many of my retreat clients come on retreat saying that they have insomnia, and over the years, I have amassed a variety of solutions and remedies that I now offer in online sessions to provide the much-needed rest and balance for optimal health, focus and concentration.



There are many effective strategies for encouraging better quality sleep – including keeping the lights low during the evening, a warm, soothing bath and avoiding heavy meals too near to bedtime.

Such things can be very effective for many people, but some will require a deeper energy intervention to reset the body’s over-worked and over-stimulated energy field may be required to help it switch off and let-go.

This work entails a synergistic blend of meditation and vibrational energy work that can be carried out online, or on retreat.

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Healing Insomnia - Restful sleep

Sleep is the best meditation

Dalai Lama

Rejuventative, deep sleep is available to almost anyone, though the remedy to insomnia does depends upon the root cause.  Some people just need a few sessions with Lynn to learn the classic metaphysical solutions, including lifestyle changes such as fresh air, more movement and certain foods and supplements.

More deep-rooted solutions require deeper examination and more specific energy interventions which are available online and on retreat.


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Crystals for deep sleep
Sleep Retreats

My retreat healing session sends me into a deep state of relaxation and as I drift off to sleep, Lynn lets herself out, leaving me to get a good ten hours of proper sleep... a very rare event for me.

Sasha Bates, Queen of Retreats Reviewer

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