Healing Relationships

Relationships are said to affect people’s happiness more than anything else in life (including health), and yet the forging of harmonious and mutually fulfilling unions has vexed humanity since the dawn of time, and whilst it may feel that modern-day lifestyles bring ever more complex challenges, at their core, they are simply different permutations of the timeless dance of Masculine and Feminine energies – of which we all have varying degrees of both, irrespective of our gender.

The art and science of balancing these relational dynamics were known to Eastern mystics several thousand years ago, and it is this ageless wisdom that forms the basis of my work with couples who are navigating small and large challenges within their relationship.

Such challenges may appear in a certain guise, but in the words of an old adage, ‘It isn’t about what it’s about.”  The real issue is almost certainly the confused societal roles and expectations that are playing out beneath the surface which end up satisfying no-one.

My energy-centred approach is not based upon traditional psychological techniques that seek to explain the present by looking at the past;  instead, it focuses upon the conscious practice of new styles of intimacy in the present.

The ensuing intimate communion opens hearts and minds to create space for each whilst honouring the sanctity of the whole to create a holistic, dynamic union.  This is the basis of a healthy, evolved and liberated partnership in which new light can be breathed into mediocre relationships, and retained through all the varying ages and stages of life.

We build too many walls and not enough bridges

~ Isaac Newton

"Sometimes the noise of life takes over and you find yourself lost and unfulfilled, not knowing quite when or why it happened. Our retreat with Lynn gave us a chance to pause, reflect and refocus on the things that are most important to us, and gave us a 'way back'... to ourselves and to each other."

Suzie & Glen, Solihull

The dynamic between us changed; there was a real meeting of minds and hearts, and our work with Lynn was a turning point for us both.

Ian Downey, Surrey

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