Energy Medicine to help you transition swiftly through Menopause


This amazing work has changed me like nothing ever before

~ Larissa, Solihull


Lynn’s groundbreaking ‘Hotstuff’ programme has evolved to offer effective natural menopause relief via simple but powerful energy work that has helped scores of women to swiftly and effortlessly nagivate this potent time.

Hotstuff fuses energy work and lifestyle bio-hacks to reduce menopause naturally and relieve or even eradicate symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood changes, insomnia, weight gain, loss of libido and much more, to help women regain their lives on all levels of their being.


This transformational work is designed to help you to –


Master the secrets of energetic rejuvenation     

Learn the art and science of deep cellular nourishment  

Discover empowering new strategies and lifestyle hacks to implement radical change

Transition naturally to a different bio-energy operating system – the fabled ‘Second Spring’

Reconnect with emotional equilibrium, physical vitality and clarity of mind

Restore calm, balance and joie de vivre to your life

"The whole experience was magical from start to finish. From the moment I met Lynn I knew she was going to change my life forever. Her warm, calm and compassionate personality instantly made me feel comfortable and totally at ease. It was an amazing release for me and I can honestly say I feel like a new woman.”

Mary McSweeney, group retreat participant, November 2019



Effective symptom management via online Energy Medicine

3 weekly, 1:1 sessions





12-week private, tailored course including tuition of Lynn’s potent Energy Technique

Lynn’s own story…

Some eight years ago, I sat in the Harley Street consulting room of one of the UK’s top gynecologists and was informed that a hysterectomy was required as a matter of urgency. I was told that the menopause would save me from surgery, but tests showed that I was nowhere near that stage, and my situation did not allow me the time to wait for it to show up.

But I had a sense that my knowledge of Energy Medicine would somehow help me, and my research eventually led me to a little-known energy technique… and within a month of starting the practice, I was a different woman.

Within four months, I’d taken myself through the menopause. With virtually no sweats. No disruption. And no operation.

Such a scenario is highly unusual. An estimated 75% of women experience profoundly debilitating symptoms over the course of several years as a result of this very potent biological transition, and many struggle to find the tailored help, advice and support that they so desperately need.

Hotstuff has therefore been created to bridge this gap, and offers the same swift transitional process as I myself went through.

If you’d like to know more, just pop your details in the contact box below, and I will be in touch.

No sweat.

Since starting Lynn's energy technique, I feel much more balanced, my mood swings are completely minimised, and even the hot flushes are now mild rather than boiling over. I am so much better, both mentally and physically, and honestly, I am amazed at the calmness I am feeling in such a short space of time. This is absolutely fantastic!

C.J. aka Fanny Adams, Instagram’s ‘Menopause Queen’

I invite you for a complimentary consultation to experience a ‘taster session’ of my energy work and discuss the ways in which we might work together.

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