Healing Long Covid and Adverse Vaccine Effects


Covid has brought unprecedented change to our world and the long-term fallout from the combined effects will likely be with us for decades.

Healers have been collaborating for many months to evolve greater insights into the energetic frequency of covid in order to learn how to mitigate its effects, both short and long-term, and we are also now developing the optimum combination of energy techniques, plant medicines and vibrational essences to help ameliorate adverse reactions to the vaccines.

Of course, the media would have us believe that this is not possible because the medical world has struggled to treat and contain it.  And even those of a more holistic mindset believe that the injections are irreversible.

Healers are increasingly asserting that both views are skewed.

When we understand that everything is energy, we see that viruses and injectable medication – whether designed by man or nature – are composed of the same primordial building blocks as everything else in the universe, and as such, they are simply parcels of coded vibrational energy that respond to consciousness.

This is something that has been demonstrated over and over in medical trials by the phenomenon known as the placebo effect, which irrefutably proves that the mind and body are intricately connected in ways that scienced doesn’t as yet fully understand.

Many Healers – myself included – have successfully treated clients with a variety of life-threatening conditions, and covid and adverse effects from the vaccines are equally treatable with the right energy tools and protocols.




Covid affects the entire system on many levels and requires a co-ordinated approach to heal the whole person – physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

My unique approach includes natural plant remedies, crystal essences and of course vibrational energy work to dissipate symptoms and catalyse the body’s natural healing mechanisms and support long-term immunity.

Some people respond after just one online session, whereas for others in whom it has taken a deeper hold, it is a slower, steadier path that entails a full gamut of wellbeing strategies, nutritional protocols and gentle movement.

This synergistic blend of holistic therapies and vibrational energy work can be carried out online, or in personal consultations in West Sussex, or on retreat.

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Healing Long Covid

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