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Libido is usually interpreted in sexual terms, but its real meaning is much broader than that.

Our sexuality is a reflection of our vitality and connection with ourselves and our very life force energy, and if our inner flame has gone out, then it cannot be properly remedied with superficial fixes; on the contrary, it is a sign of a very profound disconnect with aspects of life itself.

Lack of libido is fundamentally a lack of vital energy which signals the body’s need to switch off.  The cause is usually some sort of overwhelm :  too much work, stress or anxiety.  Or it could be the complete opposite – underwhelm, from too little stimulation, interest or connection.

And that is not necessarily connected with relationship issues, though it is a sign that something is energetically out of alignment, and by addressing the root causes, it is perfectly possible to rekindle the inner fire that both sparks sexual desire as well as a juicy vitality and love for life in general.



The body often knows before we do


From an energy perspective, when the spark dies, the body is telling us that something, somewhere is out-of-kilter, and outer interventions such as date nights and pills and potions and so on, are rarely the answer.

This most potent of energies must be turned on from the inside.

According to ancient tantric teachings, what is needed is the re-ignition of our kundalini – or life force – energy.  There are several routes to this, and the solution depends upon each unique situation, but a very big key is opening up to life and to intimacy.

And that requires that you first see and love and accept yourself.

That is the way of Tantra, and it is the foundation of almost all my work.  It will change your life… and your libido.



Relationship Energy Work

Chronic dissatisfaction is how you sense that you are living a lie

David Deida

Awakening the libido can be a case of simply removing an energetic block, or it could require more in-depth work.


Lynn offers a variety of different approaches, from online sessions to retreats and ongoing tuition and coaching as needed.

Some of the work is more specific – as in the case of Menopause, which often adversely affects a woman’s libido – and other times, it requires a more individualised solution that involves a deeper dive into lifestyles, beliefs, and/or relational dynamics.

Click the links below for more information on some of your options, or contact Lynn who will be pleased to offer guidance.  

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Sexuality is a holy communion and a dance with the force of creation

Margot Anand, world-renowned tantrika

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